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TechCrunch International City Event is a global technology conference, which brings the outstanding startups, media and venture capitalists together. We aim to build up an open platform gathering people who have passion on technology & innovation.

The conference will set up a section called " VC Meet-up",which means to provide communication between VC and entrepreneurs. In this section entrepreneurs have ten minutes to chat with VC Mentors about their business plans and industry trends .

Date:   Nov.2 13:30--16:30

            Nov.3 13:30--16:30

Address: Conference Hall in TC International City Event Beijing.

Require for VC:

Higher than the investment director level.

Pay close attention to TMT fields.

Request for entrepreneurs:

You need pay for VIP ticket or meet VC ticket, VC ticket cann't enter main conference .

Please follow the volunteer's help and the direction board.


One-on-one conversation between VC and entrepreneur.

Time limited in 10 minutes.


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Type Sales End Price Quantity

Meet VC Ticket

2015-11-03 16:30 $0

Date Time

2015-11-02 13:30 - Start

2015-11-03 16:30 - End

  • 中国 北京 海淀区
  • No.69 Fuxing Road, Wukesong Hi-Park, Haidian District in Beijing

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